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Incoming Students


The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo offers a service that allow Erasmus students to access the On platform by the link:

First Step

Enter the internet browser;

Second Step

Click on Erasmus Option and Create a new account;

Third Step

To activate your account, visit your email and click on the link that appears in the message box, be aware if the email doesn’t appear in the spam box. If you don’t receive any email, please get in contact with;

Fourth Step

Sign in with your email account and password;

Fifth Step

Click on the Edit button;

Sixth Step

Fill the application form with the correct data and click on the Save button;

Seventh Step

After complete the personal data fill in the Period of Study/Training form and click on the Save button;

Eighth Step

Click on the Subjects Selection form and then choose/select the school that you apply to;

Ninth Step

Choose/select the Academic Units required until you reach 36.0 ECTS and click on Next button;


• It can only be selected schools from the same city, the application will block the schools from another city after select the first subject;

• The application provide a short subject description by clicking in the Abstract button;

• In the left superior corner there are two fields that report to the ECTS Available (orange) and ECTS My Choice (green), you can only use in maximum 36.0 ECTS, for 1 semester and 72.0 for annual period. By choosing subjects that ECTS number will be decreased until you reach the limit.

(Note that it’s not necessary to reach the 36.0 ECTS number and every subject have they ECTS number that will be increased in the ECTS My Choice field);

• Some subjects cannot be selected because they are not available or they don’t have places;

• After submit your application, the result status appears “in analysis”, and after the coordinator make the evaluation, the student will receive a notification for Approved or Not Approved. If some subjects are not approved the ECTS is available for more choices.

Tenth Step

Upload the required documents and press the Submit Erasmus Application button;

After submitted, the application form will be delivered to the subject’s coordinators, so they can approve the form. If some subjects were not approved, the related ECTS will be in use again.

All the fields will be blocked after submission, except the field Learning Agreement or Learning Agreement for Traineeships, because it can only be uploaded after the Erasmus Coordinators process the related document.

The document Accommodation Request Form can be downloaded by clicking in the next link:

After that the Application can only be accessed in the visual/read-only mode.

Outgoing Students

Available Soon

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