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This tutorial describes the configuration process of an Android device, to allow Internet access, using Eduroam's wireless network, provided by Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.

This is a step by step tutorial providing the necessary stages to configure the client. You must possess your institutional access credentials provided by IPVC.

This tutorial was based on an official android version, however the configurations can be replicated to other systems.

If you find any anomaly, please contact the Informatic Services.


This tutorial was based on the following OS requirements and software versions:

 Authentication Client Application: Cyberoam: General Auth Client( Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
 OS: Android
 Version: Jelly Bean 4.3

Step by Step Configuration

Installation Process: The application is available at Google Play. Follow the link: Google Play

Configuration Process:

Step 1: Access the application menu and run Cyberoam application.

Step 2: Configure Client

  • Start Client application. The login screen appears. Before logging in, you need to define settings for the Client. Click Settings to configure the client, as shown below.

  • Click Gateway IP to set the Cyberoam IP Address as your authentication gateway. You can obtain your Cyberoam IP Address from your Network Administrator. By default, the Gateway is set as

  • Specify IP Address of the authentication gateway as shown in the screen.
    • Gateway IP:

  • Click OK to save the Gateway IP. You will get a message with successfull connection to the sever.
  • Click OK and return to the Settings page to set parameters as shown in the table given below.

Parameter Value Description
Show Notification Messages Enabled (Default) When enabled, user receives notifications on the Notification Bar on events like login, logout or errors. Disable if you do not want to receive notifications.
Auto Login Enabled (Default) When enables, user automatically logs in on application restart. Disable if you do not want to login automatically.
Save password Enabled (Default) When enable client saves your password. This option is automatically enabled if Auto Login is enabled. Disable if you do not want client to save your password.

Step 3: Login into Client

  • Once settings are specified, tap Back button to go to the login page, enter your credentials and click Login to log into the client.

  • After successful login, minimize client and start using the Internet.

Step 4: Logout

After using the Internet, you can logout of Client by clicking:

  • Logout: This only logs you out. The application continues to run in the background.
  • Close (Recomendado): This logs you out and closes the Client application.

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